Cynthia Fortenberry

 "If you're looking for the best.......look no further.'  (Facebook) 

Mark Boggan

 "You are a GREAT MAN Judge"  January 2017 (Facebook) 

Sheree Parker

"Awesome man and great attorney.  He is a man that really cares."  November 2016 (Facebook) 

Dave Lyn

 "You are by far the most impartial fair Judge I have been in front of.  I fired my attorney in your court room after you had to help me by doing HIS job"  November 2016 (Facebook) 

Chirs Felts

"Phillip is one of the most honest, hard working and very sympathetic to your situation.  If you need honest and caring person on your side.  Phillip Bahakel and Associates are the ones to be on your side!.  They will fight for you when no one else will."  August 2016 (Facebook)

Laura Jones

 "5 Stars" May 2015 (Facebook)​  Mr. Bahakel is extremely knowledgeable in family law, works tirelessly for his clients, is very efficient in returning phone calls/answering questions. He deals with his clients with the upmost honesty and sincerity- a trait you don't find in many attorneys today. 

Kelly Duvall

 November 2014 (Lawyer Ratings) I have met with other attorneys regarding my case and Mr. Bahakel is the only one who didn't try to take my money or promise me the world if I would retain him. Instead, he gave me great advice and pointed me in the right direction, all during my free consultation. I know that if or when I ever need an attorney in the the future, I will use Mr. Bahakel.      

Janice West

 "5 Stars" May 2012 (Lawyer Rating)  He really does care about the people. His advice was based on what was good for my situation and was not based on the money he could make off of me and my messy legal situation.        

Molly Paul

 "Always helpful and available.  Took great care of my case."  August 2016 (Facebook) .

Loretta Goodwin

 "Thank you, I have enjoyed every minute"  September 2016 (Facebook) 

Kerri Smith

 "Try Phillip Bahakel! If he can't do it, I'd trust any referral he makes!  He is a previous family court Judge, a great Christian man & very detailed oriented,  Easy to contact & quick to return phone calls and emails. You can't go wrong!" October 2016 (Facebook) 

Steven Long

 Phillip was a GREAT Judge and a GREAT lawyer.  A lawyers, lawyer.  He is respectful to all and very knowledgeable. March 2016 (Facebook) 

Connie Justice

 Phillip is a awesome man and will do anything in his power to help you we recommend him very highly I have known him for a long time when he was just an attorney in Pelham Alabama. (May 23rd, 2017 Facebook)

Nate Robertson

 Superb services and very good prices, knows how to play their game thats for sure!  (May 23rd, 2017 Facebook)

Madalyn Ward

 "You have my vote for Judge!! Your DEDICATED, HONEST, INTELLIGENT, FAIR AND THE BEST LAWYER IN    TOWN with a great personality!  October 2016 (Facebook) 

Ricky Pierce

 Phillip has helped me on several occasions and the first thing I do is call him. If he cant help me he knows who can so GIVE HIM A CALL. 2019

Lucy Ratcliff


Patti Moore

 "Judge Bahakel your awesome" November 2016 (Facebook)